Functional and visual appearance of Dunlop Hiflex Oy’s store in Pirkkala with Lasiliiri Oy’s glasses

Dunlop Hiflex Oy’s store building in Pirkkala will not go unnoticed. The vast, glassy area, which stands out from afar, steals attention. The large building received the highly reflective tempered sun protection safety glass supplied by Lasiliiri Oy in cooperation with Teräselementti Oy.

The new glass surfaces in Dunlop Hiflex Oy’s hall building are a functional solution from many perspectives. The highly reflective glass elegantly mirrors its surroundings, creating the feeling of an open space, while at the same time covering the structures and interiors of the hall. The beautiful glass surface thus contains the desired strong sun protection and at the same time appeals to the visual eye. The glass structures in Pirkkala thus created an elegant whole and a functional solution at the same time as Lasiliiri Oy’s glass structures with high-quality features.

The colored glass railings were made with the help of laminated safety glass supplied by Lasiliiri Oy, in which EVALAM film was used in green and yellow. Lasiliiri Oy also delivered tempered safety glass as balcony glass to the site

Lasiliiri Oy in Riihimäki is a family company specializing in the further processing of glass, whose expertise includes energy-efficient glass solutions and demanding safety glass structures. All the company’s comprehensive services can be found conveniently and efficiently under one roof. Lasiliiri Oy’s products include insulating glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, tempered laminated glass, fire protection glass and smart glass. Lasiliiri Oy’s products are known as Arctic Glass® Smart Glass® brands.