Lasiliiri Oy and Steel-Prisma-Metallit Oy together delivered domestic quality to Veho Commercial Vehicles Center

A natural-light and energy-efficient 12,000 m 2 property was built in Vehkala, Vantaa, focusing exclusively on Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles

The 12,000 m 2 commercial vehicle center, built in Vantaa, focuses purely on the sales, maintenance and repair of Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles. The center built in Vehkala is next to Ring Road III and Highway 3 with good transport connections. The area of the plot is about 10 ha. Responsibility and the environmental aspect have played an important role in the construction project.

In energy solutions, environmental issues are emphasized in many ways, which are e.g. geothermal, green roof and solar panels that produce renewable energy. This is a large and unique commercial vehicle project that takes into account digitalisation and the electrification of the automotive industry, e.g. the number of charging points indoors and outdoors. A 24-hour car wash for commercial vehicles and inspection functions for commercial vehicles will also be built in connection with the center. An important part of the whole is the energy-efficient insulating glass elements completed at the Lasiliir factory as key flag work.

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Steel-Prisma-Metallit Oy trusts the quality of Lasiliir. The company manufactures CE-marked glass facades, aluminum doors and windows, glass fire doors and smoke extraction windows and hatches in high-quality custom-made and, if necessary, installed.

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High-quality 3K insulating glass elements were implemented at the site. The requirements were good thermal insulation, effective sun protection and demanding sound insulation implemented in one safety glass structure. Sun protection was implemented with Suncool 70/35 glass. Safety glass was made by both lamination and tempering. We temper the safety glasses ourselves. We implement laminated glass surfaces at our factory in Riihimäki, with our own laminating cutting line. Lamination is done with a very strong EVA film, with our own lamination line. Our EVA lamination line enables high-quality lamination of soft-surfaced glass into safety glass. In total, approximately 620 m2 of 3K insulating glass elements were delivered to the site.

Example constructions: 3K 8.8 mm Suncool 70/35, 6 mm selective / 12.8 mm Optiphon laminated and 8 mm 70/35 Pro T hardened, 4 mm selective, 12.8 mm Optiphon, laminated .

Domestic key flag work from Riihimäki.

Lasiliiri Oy in Riihimäki is a family company specializing in the further processing of glass, whose expertise includes energy-efficient glass solutions and demanding safety glass structures. All the company’s comprehensive services can be found conveniently and efficiently under one roof. Lasiliiri Oy’s products include insulating glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, tempered laminated glass, fire protection glass and smart glass. Lasiliiri Oy’s products are known as Arctic Glass® Smart Glass® brands.