• Glass for shop windows
  • Signs made of glass
  • Glass walls and room dividers
  • Soundproofed meeting rooms and mini spaces
  • Windows, doors, railings, etc. glass solutions


Pilkington is part of NSG ( Nippon Sheat Glass ). Pilkington’s advanced glass solutions for new buses in Tampere attracted international interest and product innovation received a lot of attention.

Pilkington Automotive Finland Specialized Transport can offer a wide range of features that add value to the product. LED matrix display integrated inside laminated glass, solar glazing to reduce heat penetration through glass, antireflective coated glass reducing glare form glass surface. Acoustic glass can reduce noise through glass, heated glass, integrated antenna and several attachment bonded on glass surface.

Pilkington Automotive Electroluminescent Transparent Multi-purpose Display is developed to improve vehicle manufacturer design opportunities. Transparent electroluminescent display is integrated inside laminated glass. Image quality crystal clear and excellent readability. Instant response, regardless of temperature. Adjustable dimming for the display light power.


Discover the latest glass technology and the advanced opportunities it brings.

The picture shows the so-called glass is wire implementation that was recently unveiled in Las Vegas. The glass coating conducts electricity to the LED lights and the lighting is programmable for many different uses.

The latest glass technology offers durable solutions for architectural masterpieces that are guaranteed to attract attention.