Erik Liiri and Niilo Lähteenmäki co-founded the company Liiri & Lähteenmäki

The store was located in Riihimäki on the Valtakäyrä area. After a few years, Niilo Lähteenmäki left the company and Erik Liiri continued as an entrepreneur alone. Erik’s son Juhani Liiri was involved in the glass business from the beginning.

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The store moved to Karoliinankatu, where its own premises were built.

The premises on Karoliinankatu were expanded a total of five times: twice in the 1980s, twice in the 1990s and once again in 2000. Due to the great need for further extensions, the company bought two more plots of land next to its premises in the 1990s to enable the extensions to be completed.


The first semi-automatic glass cutting table.


The manufacture of the first insulating glass by hand began.


The company’s first generational change took place
Anna and Juhani Liiri took over the management of the company.


The first machines for making insulating glass

1986 Industrial production of insulating glass began. The carpentry business was related to the company’s operations until 2002: Window frames were manufactured to the customer’s order.


The first automatic mower.

Insulating glass was awarded the SFS quality label.


The Arctic Glass® brand of insulating glass was launched.

Office and packaging facilities were expanded.


Anna and Juhani were awarded Entrepreneurs of the Year in Riihimäki.


Juhani Liiri was chosen as the glass builder of the year.

The company’s second generational change was implemented and the siblings Ari Liiri became the CEO and Anu Talja the CFO.


The company relocated its entire operations to new premises in Haapahuhta, Lepistöntie 3, Riihimäki , which were built to meet modern and logistics needs. Now, for the first time in the company’s history, all operations were under one roof. With the move, the glass business, which was involved in the business from the beginning, was divested and focused only on industrial operations.

The glass warehouse was converted to fully automated to better serve the needs of the company. At the same time, an automatic cutting line and a new insulating glass line were acquired.


Ari Liiri and Anu Talja were awarded the provincial entrepreneur prize.


The premises were expanded and the production of tempered glass began. This was a big step forward when Lasiliiri Oy, already known as a strong glass processor, was able to expand its product range.


Lasiliiri Oy was awarded the ISO 9001 quality certificate.


Representation and sale of AGC, a worldwide operating fire ptotective glass, began. At the same time, a fire glass saw was acquired.


New and modern EVA lamination line. Production of laminated and laminated-tempered glass began. The company’s product family grew further. Now Lasiliiri Oy is the most versatile glass processor in all of Finland , from which all products can be obtained from the same office, under the same roof.


Lasiliiri Oy was awarded the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate.

The certificate applies to the manufacture of insulation elements and toughened safety glass, as well as to the processing and other further processing of fire protection glass, laminated safety glass and other flat glass.

The lighting in the production facilities was completely renewed and two pre-treatment machines were acquired to increase production efficiency.


The company increased its production efficiency by investing in an advanced hardening line. In the same year, the demanding manufacture of smart glasses began. Towards the end of the year, Lasiliiri was awarded the Avainlippu label , which is awarded to a product or service manufactured in Finland. Today, Lasiliiri is seen as a pioneer in the further processing of glass.


Our family business is 60 years old

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