General terms of sale and delivery

Unless otherwise agreed with the customer, Lasiliiri Oy’s general terms and conditions of sale and delivery are observed.

1. Prices
Prices are based on the delivery condition “free from the seller’s warehouse without glass stand” (FCA Lasiliir factory Riihimäki FIN01). VAT valid on the day of delivery is added to the prices.

2. Billing and handling costs
The minimum billing is 50 € (EUR). Interest on arrears 13%.

3. Terms of payment
The payment term is 14 days from the date of the invoice or as agreed.

4. Product Warranty
The warranty conditions of the products are in accordance with the instructions in force at the time of manufacture of the Finnish Flat Glass Association.

5. Terms of delivery
Our delivery terms: Finnterms 2001.

The most commonly used additional clauses in addition to the delivery terms: e.g. NOL Lasiriiri FIN01, loose glass

Loose glass is delivered to the customer as unpackaged loose glass (= pick-up)
Packaged pack / stand is included in the price
When packed with a return stand, non -returnable packaging / stand will be charged according to a separate price list

6. Delivery time
Product delivery times are confirmed on an order-by-order basis. Depending on the case, the delivery time of the product may be announced as the delivery week.

7. Delivery
The consignee must sign the consignment note / consignment note and check the correctness and quantity of the products. All visible damage to packaging and products must be recorded in the consignment note. If the glasses are broken during transport, the damage must be reported to our customer service within 5 days, tel. 0207 410 770.

Complaints related to the products must be made without delay, but no later than within 7 days of receiving the glasses. Complaints must be made in writing in accordance with the instructions for complaints. The instructions of the Finnish Flat Glass Association are followed for complaints.

8. Order modification, cancellation and return
Products are manufactured and delivered only to the customer’s order. If the production of the products has started, the labor and material costs caused by changes in dimensions and quantities will be charged. Glasses made to special order cannot be changed in size or quantity afterwards. The order confirmation is binding. The customer / customer must point out any errors in the order confirmation without delay, but within 24 hours.

Canceled orders will be charged for all raw material costs, production preparation and production costs, and freight, depending on the time of the cancellation.

The customer is responsible for the return freight. Depending on the return load, a shipping list / consignment note must always be attached, which shows the returned products, their quantity and the reason for the return. No refund will be paid for returned products if the refund is not due to Lasiliiri Oy.

9. Ownership
Ownership of the goods passes to the buyer when the full purchase price, including any interest, has been paid.

10. Liability for error
Lasiliiri Oy is not responsible for an error due to a failed design, incorrect installation method, use of the goods in violation of the instructions.

11. Other Terms
In other respects than mentioned in our general terms and conditions of sale and delivery, Lasiliiri Oy complies with the general terms and conditions of purchase and delivery of Construction Products (RYHT 2000) and the warranty terms and conditions published by the Finnish Flat Glass Association (1 January 2012).