Energy efficient glass roof in Helsinki’s Bat

Lasiliiri delivered 420 m² of insulating glass elements to Porkkalankatu 1 when the four separate glass roofs of KOy Helsinki’s large lobby premises were renovated. The main contractor was Rakennusvire Oy, which announced that the project was an excellent success. The project was completed a month early.

The six-storey building has exceptionally large floor areas and bright spaces that can easily be converted into open-plan, room or multi-space offices. The house also has excellent facilities: plenty of meeting rooms, a modern auditorium, a spacious café-restaurant, a functional and comfortable gym with group exercise facilities, and smooth lobby services. The private parking garage offers ample parking for employees and guests.

The location next to Länsiväylä guarantees good visibility for the property. Ruoholahti has smooth transport connections from all over the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Watch the video and explore the destination.

Lasiliiri Oy in Riihimäki is a family company specializing in the further processing of glass, whose expertise includes energy-efficient glass solutions. All the company’s comprehensive services can be found conveniently and efficiently under one roof. Lasiliiri Oy’s products include smart glasses, insulating glasses, tempered glasses, laminated glasses, tempered laminated glasses and fire protection glasses. Lasiliiri Oy’s products are known e.g. From the Arctic Glass® brand.