Pyrobel® and Pyrobelite®

Pyrobel® and Pyrobelite® fire protection glass, either alone or in combination with insulating glass, provide excellent protection against fire and heat.

Fire protection glass can be either flat glass, tempered, laminated glass or double insulating glass. Fire protection glasses are available in different degrees of protection. >Fire protection glazing is divided into three different categories according to tightness, heat radiation and insulation: E (tightness), EW (thermal radiation) and EI (heat and fire insulation).

Pyrobel & Pyrobelite

Product Fire class Thickness Weight kg / m2 RW, dB

Pyrobel 8 EI15 / EW30 9.3 20 34
Pyrobelite 9 EG EI20 / EW30 12.06 28 37
Pyrobel 16 EI30 / EW60 17.3 40 39
Pyrobel 16 EG * EI30 / EW60 21.1 48 39
Pyrobel 25 EI60 26.6 60 40
Pyrobel 25 EG EI60 30.4 68 43

EG = suitable for indoor and outdoor use
EG * = available in clear and opal

Pyrobel® fire protection glasses available through Lasiiri are in the EI class. Their degree of protection is determined by the minute intervals. The integrity and insulation times of Pyrobel EI glasses are 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Fire protection glass must always be defined according to national safety limits. Fire protection glass must be specified as part of a tested and approved glazing system. The choice of fire protection glasses determines either the required class or the fire resistance time. Fire protection glasses are also personal safety glasses tested according to the SFS EN 12 600 standard.

Pyrobel® fire protection glasses available through LasiLiir belong to the EI and EW classes. Their degree of protection is determined by the minute intervals.

The installation of fire protection glasses is always the responsibility of a professional in the field.

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Find out how Pyrobel supports customers worldwide with over 40 years of technical expertise in fire testing and certification. Learn more about fire classifications: E, EW and EI and be inspired by our reference projects.

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Pyrobel fire glasses are optically high quality fire goggles with a frost resistance of -40 ° C. This makes them an ideal product for use in the Finnish climate, either alone or in combination with Arctic Glass® insulating glass.

Pyrobel fire glasses are multi-layer laminated safety glasses. The glass is laminated with transparent fire retardant layers. In the event of a fire, these layers expand after reaching a temperature of about 120 ° C and foam into opaque protective layers that allow for the tightness (E) and insulation (I) requirements for glazing.

Can be used in wood and metal systems as single or insulating glass

Available in fire classes EW 30 and EW 60, EI 15, EI 30, EI 45, EI 60, EI 90, EI 120 (EN 13501-2)

The product range includes fire glasses for indoor and outdoor use. Pyrobel EG2 versions available for balcony glazing. For spectacular vertical glass partitions available in Pyrobel Vision Line fire classes EI30 and EI60.

Examples of Pyrobel fire glass

Dimensions, opportunities, responsibility

Pyrobel® fire glasses are available in many sizes, including large surfaces. They can be used creatively, but fire protective glass has certain limitations. They cannot be reworked or reshaped because the edge of the glass is protected. The edge should also not be in contact with water. Fire protection glasses should not be exposed to frosts above 40 degrees or continuous temperatures above 45 degrees. Ask more about our sales opportunities!

Fire glasses are only part of the whole refractory element. The installer must ensure that the entire fire element complies with the regulations and / or approvals issued by the competent authorities. Lasiliiri Oy is not responsible for installing the fire glass product range in systems that do not comply with the regulations. For more information: