Customer and press releases

Major development project at the factory

We have launched a major development project in the factory, where we are improving safety [...]

Carbon dioxide-free energy

The electricity supplied to the glass slide is produced from carbon dioxide-free energy sources. The [...]

Lasiliiri Oy has been awarded the Growth Certificate by Asiakastiedo

A company that has been awarded the Asiakastiedo Growth Certificate has a proven track record [...]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023!

This year, Lasiliiri Oy has made a Christmas donation for the benefit of small patients. [...]

We invest in a new, fully automatic production line

We invest in a fully automated systron proHD production line Glass processing requires a lot [...]

European glass suppliers introduced energy surcharge

The price of natural gas determines the energy surcharge The downstream processing of glass involves [...]

Steel-Prisma-Metallit Oy: We trust Lasiliiri

Steel-Prisma-Metallit Oy, the recipient of the 2021 Regional Entrepreneur Award of Central Ostrobothnia, congratulates the [...]

Inlook Oy: Lasiliiri is number one!

“We need people around us who know what they are doing. Good service, responsiveness and [...]