quality product, flexibility and security of supply

Lasiliiri´s operations are characterized by a desire to serve its customers in a versatile and service-minded manner. According to Lasiliiri’s service principle, it is possible to tailor products and processes to the needs of customers and design work.

The framework for the quality management of Lasiliiri is provided by the standards, recommendations, product certifications and national guidelines for insulating glass and tempered glass and their production. Lasiliiri’s operating principles aim at customer focus, ie understanding customers’ current and future needs and meeting customer requirements.

Glassworks’ operating principles also include values and goals related to the environment and energy economy.

We deliver glass all over Finland and the surrounding areas.

Our premises are designed for the needs of the glass industry

Lasiliiri operates in the 8,500-square-meter factory hall, which was commissioned in 2006. The premises are modern and practical: the requirements for the processing of flat glass have already been taken into account during the design and construction phase.

The premises are located in the Haapahuhta industrial area of Riihimäki, in the middle of good transport connections.

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