Shopping center REDI offers glass that can be tested and used by Lasiliiri Oy

In the autumn of 2018, a new REDI shopping center was opened in Helsinki’s Kalasatama. The REDI shopping center is the largest shopping center in Helsinki’s city center, with a direct connection to the Kalasatama metro station from the third floor. The shopping center is part of a larger REDI complex, which is scheduled for completion during the summer of 2019. In addition to the shopping center, the complex includes Finland’s tallest residential building and the first skyscraper.

Lasiliiri Oy delivered glass elements to the shopping center, which were found by Teräsasennus Toivonen Oy and Lasitusliike Kivijärvi Oy. Lasitusliike Kivijärvi Oy installed 3-layer floor glass on the site, between which there is a film that mimics the appearance of sand-blown glass. The film between the glasses makes the floor beautiful to look at, but at the same time also acts as a visual barrier – there is no direct view of the people above from the lower layers thanks to the eye protection formed by the film.

Sandblasted glass is a familiar solution for various spaces where some degree of vision protection is required. Previously, sandblasting was performed on the glass surface mechanically by breaking the glass surface. The broken surface of the glass was able to collect various contaminants and therefore also laborious to clean. The imitation of sandblasted glass made with the film looks the same, but it is not equally sensitive to dirt. The film gives the appearance of sandblasted glass, but the surface is much easier to clean. Therefore, in public spaces it is a great choice. The films placed between the glasses offer completely new possibilities to realize different general and visual effects, without giving up the other good properties of the glass.

Lasiliiri Oy’s high-quality glass can also be admired in REDI in the form of a spectacular roof. Teräsasennus Toivonen Oy installed a modern glass roof on the English Square of the shopping center, which combines two types of safety glass. By combining tempered and laminated safety glass, the best safety glass structure is achieved, as a result of which the good properties of both safety glass can be enjoyed.

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