Lasiliiri Oy met the customer’s wishes and delivered colored safety glasses to Pirkkala

The new development of As Oy Pekaani and Pähkinäpuisto in Pirkkala called for a bolder solution than usual in terms of color. Alutec Oy and Lasiliiri Oy jointly responded to the customer’s request and delivered colored safety glasses to the site.

There are many ways to play with glass surfaces and structures. The possibilities to bring visual appeal and distinctiveness with glass elements are wide, but in many cases the solutions, especially with regard to the worlds of tones, are quite limited. In a neutral world of color, timelessness and integration into the environment are often sought. As Oy Pekaani ja Pähkinäpuisto was a happy exception to the rule in terms of shade requirements – and so has the completion of a site whose structures can now be admired in bright colors on the glass railings.

The colored glass railings were made with the help of laminated safety glass supplied by Lasiliiri Oy, in which EVALAM film was used in green and yellow. Lasiliiri Oy also delivered tempered safety glass as balcony glass to the site

Lasiliiri Oy in Riihimäki is a family company specializing in the further processing of glass, whose expertise includes energy-efficient glass solutions and demanding safety glass structures. All the company’s comprehensive services can be found conveniently and efficiently under one roof. Lasiliiri Oy’s products include insulating glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, tempered laminated glass, fire protection glass and smart glass. Lasiliiri Oy’s products are known as Arctic Glass® Smart Glass® brands.