Lasiliiri Oy delivered interior railing glass to the Aino shopping center in Espoo

The Ainoa shopping center is a shopping center in Tapiola, Espoo, under construction. The mall has five floors and about 50 stores.

The interior railings are tempered laminated glass. A new generation EVALAM film has been used for lamination, which is better than the previous PVB lamination film, at all values. The vertical frameless structures of the interior railings give an unobstructed view. EVALAM is EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) with excellent light transmission and brightness, high adhesion, good sound insulation and a unique glass-reinforcing molecular crosslinking structure. A crosslink is a bond between two or more molecules that forms the strength and durability of laminated glass. Thanks to its strong cross-linking of more than 87%, EVALAM is significantly better in strength and durability than any thermoplastic, such as PVB. All of these together create the best material for use in solutions that require optical properties and durability.

Lasiliiri Oy’s previous shopping center deliveries have been the Goodman Shopping Center, Hämeenlinna and the Puuvilla shopping center in Pori.


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