glass screen expands advertising opportunities

Attract more customers with a window screen based on Lasiliiri DIM Glass technology, which allows photos and videos to be displayed in the background, creating a dynamic and customizable business environment.

  • Bring out your brand with new and exciting technology.
  • Customize the visual look for the season (winter / summer).
  • Immediately change the look of your space with new images and products.
  • Easily and instantly edit the contents of your showcase.
  • Customization according to region and preferences.

Lasiliiri screen glass

Based on DIM Glass technology, Lasiliiri Screen Glass serves as an excellent projection surface for videos, images and texts. The window can vary from bright to opal or gray and be complemented by projected content. Only the sky is the limit for ideas!

If desired, ontent can be timed to be projected only for those seconds when the glass is dormant and opaque. Several different projectors can be used for the content, such as traditional video projectors.

Lasiliiri screen glass

The solution can be utilized e.g. in the insulating glass elements of the display windows. The solution is also suitable for glass partitions, room dividers, sliding doors and glass railings, as well as meeting and small rooms.

Attract customers with changing messages and take advantage of projected multimedia.


The EVA-laminated DIM Glass construction provides the following sound insulation values for the Glass Layer Screen Glass :

4 mm glass Rw: 29 dB

Laminated glass 4 + 4.2: Rw: 34 dB

Smart Glass + EVALAM 4 + 4.2: Rw: 37 dB

Technical data and instructions


The solution meets all ECC requirements for laminated glass for outdoor use. For more information on certifications, visit

Contact Lasiliir’s customer service for more information.

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