LASILIIRI DIM Glass – Made in Finland

  • DIM Glass provides privacy or transparency with a single pane of glass and it is the only film laminated with EVALAM that meets the European
    UNE-EN ISO 12543-1 external radiation, humidity and temperature tests

  • Replace curtains and blinds on glass and windows

  • Guaranteed lifecycle durability for over 100,000 on and off connections

  • Environmentally friendly due to its low energy consumption

  • Thanks to its excellent moisture resistance, it is great for a variety of wet areas, such as bathrooms

  • Easy to connect to various control systems, including: home automation, iPhone, iPad, motion detectors, remote controls…

  • Better opacity-transparency ratio

Suitability for outdoor use

DIM Glass complies with all ECC regulations for indoor and outdoor use of laminated glass. In an insulating glass element mounted on an external wall, DIM Glass is installed on the warm side of the apartment.

Glass Liquid DIM Glass Certifications:

Radiation test 2,000 hours UNE – EN ISO 12543–4: 2011 Satisfactory

Moisture test UNE ‐ EN 12543-4: 2011 Satisfactory

Temperature resistance test UNE – EN 12543–4: 2011 Satisfactory

On and off 100,000 times UNE – EN 410: 2011 Satisfactory

Thermal insulation

DIM Glass effectively blocks the sun’s heat radiation and ensures the desired indoor conditions regardless of the season.


The following sound insulation values are achieved with EVALAM laminated DIM Glass film construction:

4 mm glass: Rw 29 dB

Laminated glass 4 + 4.2: Rw 34 dB

Smart Glass + EVALAM 4 + 4.2: Rw 37 dB


The smart glass we manufacture is the result of long-term product development, which has been awarded the Finnish Federation of Labor’s key flag symbol. DIM Glass is manufactured at Lasiliiri Oy’s Riihimäki plant.

Glass Liquid DIM Glass solutions are the best on the market. As safety glass, they are suitable for both public and private sites; partitions, windows, hinged and sliding doors, glass railings, room dividers, etc.

Glass Layer DIM Glass has excellent light transmission when clear. Privacy is achieved at the touch of a button. A motion sensor, timer, remote control or a control system charged to a mobile phone can also be used to control the smart glass.

Domestic DIM Glass intelligently insulates sound. It is a very long-lasting and safe choice that replaces old-fashioned dust-collecting panel, roller and pleated curtains as well as blinds that require cleaning and maintenance.

We and our partners have a wealth of experience in smart glass solutions, so we are happy to help with technical design to ensure the highest possible result.


Glass chip DIM Glass smart glass is the result of very careful product development. The structure consists of two glasses and films laminated between the glasses. The lamination takes place with structurally strong EVA lamination with excellent weather resistance.

Thanks to the electrochromatic PDLC (electrically reactive liquid crystal film) film in the middle of the sandwich structure, the element is made completely transparent by means of a weak electric current. Because the film is sandwiched between (possibly tempered) glass, it is almost completely protected from mechanical wear, strain and vandalism. This is how Lasiliir’s domestic smart glass solution is not prone to interference. The glasses can be connected in rows. Installing the elements is very quick.

The visibility provided by the windows and the utilization of natural light is always a much-needed feature. Sometimes privacy is also needed. Domestic smart glass offers an easy and fast way to achieve privacy. The solution also provides a quick and easy way to create an instantaneous line of sight from one state to another. Smart glasses, which are very hygienic and do not collect dust, are popular e.g. hospitals and the most representative meeting and business premises.

Technical data and instructions

Our experienced technical advice helps with all questions related to Lasiliiri DIM Glass solutions. We want to work with you to ensure the best cost-effectiveness and technical and visual quality.

DIM Glass
meets all ECC requirements for outdoor laminated glass. For more information on certifications, visit

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