practical and
a presentable look completes the architecture

The domestic Lasiliiri Print Glass solution offers several possibilities and is ideal for many applications.

As a fireproof material, Print Glass can continue the warm look of wood surfaces, for example. The look can just as well be a marble surface or warm-hearted bamboo and textiles.

Graphic glass, which has grown rapidly in popularity, has traditionally been seen to work in the durable and safe display of photographs.


Print Glass offers a number of practical solutions and applications. Such are e.g. infographics integrated into glass surfaces, such as layer numbering and other general guidance. Glass surfaces also offer a great opportunity for communication and marketing.

Utilizing large glass surfaces, the solutions are of a visually high standard. Aerial photography also offers its own possibilities.

Print glass helps designers create a comfortable and stylish whole.

Lasiliiri offers antimicrobial
glass railings, walls and doors

The glass printer’s domestic Print Glass can be implemented as a durable safety glass equipped with the antimicrobial SaniTise feature. This is how graphic glass surfaces work to fight viruses. In addition, they decompose organic compounds on their surfaces.

With the rapid development of glass technology, antimicrobialism is already seen as part of safety glass technology, where security is realized from the microbial level.

It is also good to note that when broken down in bathrooms, for example, tempered glass crumbles to the floor. The laminated Print Glass door remains safe as a single, functional door leaf.


Helsinki-Vantaa’s new south wing is an example of a strict and practical graphic implementation.

The guidance has been implemented in a prominent, clear and concise manner.

Expression of glass surfaces can also be brought about by the conditions of space and architecture
post-processed photographic art. Photos can complement the theme of the building. Images can also highlight the history of the destination and the region, or even the brand of the company.

The glass can also represent custom-made graphics ordered from a graphic artist or other visual artist.

Lasiliiri Print Glass solutions provide excellent support for percentage projects. In them, art is part of the building and a cozy environment. Print Glass solutions can also be wonderfully emphasized by painting glass structures with, for example, interactive lighting that captures people’s movements.

Functional and practical
future solutions

The graphic solution immortalized between the glass surfaces can also only be
momentarily visible from behind an opaque glass surface
utilizing Lasiliir’s new electrochromic DIM Glass technology.
Visibility can be controlled, for example, with a motion sensor.
New technology gives real space to creativity.

Photo: Katajanokka, Helsinki.


Domestic Print Glass with great possibilities completes the object’s glass solutions with its practical graphics.

  • For displaying floor numbering
  • For the implementation of signs
  • For presenting photos
  • Utilizing art graphics
  • To strengthen the brand image
  • To create a first impression
  • Even more stylish fire brigades
  • Safety glass solutions that are resistant to wear and vandalism

glass glass print is durable, SAFE AND MAINTENANCE-FREE

Print Glass, when laminated and also tempered if necessary, is a very durable way to create a graphic glass that lasts for decades while retaining its look and original cleanliness.

Bringing graphical solutions can be a challenge, for example, in terms of fire safety. Print glass is always a hygienic and carefree solution.

EVA lamination ( ethyl vinyl acetate ) is a highly weather resistant material. It is also excellent in adhesiveness and structural tensile strength. When tempered glass is chosen as the glass in addition to this, a solution is created that is technically at the forefront of the industry – and the highest quality Finnish key flag work.