Insulating glass

Arctic Glass® insulating glass is suitable for all light-transmitting structures as a variety of construction options.

The common basic principle of insulating glass is to insulate the transfer of heat from the outside to the inside and vice versa. Their thermal insulation depends on how many glass sheets the insulating glass unit includes and whether, for example, coated glass is used in the element. The insulating glass has two or three sheets of glass which are glued as an element with the strip frames. In energy-saving glasses, the space is filled with argon gas, which improves the U-value, ie thermal insulation.

The glass choices are at the discretion of the designer according to the requirements of the structures. Almost all building glass can be used in insulating glass and all properties can be adjusted as required: thermal insulation, sun protection, sound insulation, personal protection, burglary and bullet protection. It is also possible to get all the features together.

The flat shape and dimensioning of Arctic Glass® insulating glass are quite freely selectable.

Arctic Glass® insulating glass can also be made curved.

Sun protection glass

Sun protection glass is important for energy savings. Glass is now used more in facades for both appearance and operating cost reasons: advanced sun protection glass allows for lower air conditioning costs while reducing excessive heat transfer.

The use of sunglasses requires competent design, but when well implemented, it is suitable for balancing even natural amounts of natural light. Energy efficiency and the use of glass are not mutually exclusive.

The sun protective glass can regulate the incoming heat without significantly affecting the amount of light.

There are many different options in our selection, as well as the standard, laminated and hardened versions.

The basic purpose of sun protective glass is to prevent excessive radiant energy from the sun indoors. Lasiliiri’s sun protective glass options for Arctic Glass® insulating glass offer solutions for many conditions and applications. Sun protective glass is also available as tempered or laminated glass. In this case, they are also suitable for safety and security purposes. Combining features – like sound insulation – makes them truly multidimensional products.

Thermal insulation glass

Large glass surfaces have traditionally been demanding from an energy saving perspective. Advanced glass technology has met the challenges and requirements of energy efficiency. As glass plays an increasingly important role in architecture, the energy properties and requirements of glass also have new standards.

The thermal insulation properties of Arctic Glass® insulating glass are top notch. The U-value, which means the heat transfer coefficient, can be determined according to the application of the glass. In the context of construction technology, the function of the coefficient is to express the different thermal insulation properties of a building or structures. Simplified: the lower the U-value, the better the thermal insulation.

Sound insulation

The acoustically successful building is pleasant, quiet and efficient – even in the midst of the hustle and bustle of noise, like an oasis where you know you are protected from loud noises.

Noise sources such as cars, public transport and air traffic are everywhere, especially in urban areas. Noise is also generated indoors and glazing is often an excellent solution, for example in busy office environments.

The sound insulation properties of Arctic Glass® insulation glass meet the desired needs. The manufacturing process may use the joining of two or more glass sheets with an intermediate film (lamination). In this case, the sound insulation capacity is excellent. The number of intermediate layers and the thickness of the glass also affect the insulating properties.

Safety- and protective glass

Modern four-millimeter-thick glass is a surprisingly sturdy act. However, glass is glass, and it can happen that the glass shatters. Untempered and unlaminated glass can cause injuries if it breaks because its edges are sharp and indefinitely jagged. The composition of the safety glass is different when it breaks – and therefore it is also safe.

The safety and protective glass options for Lasiliiri’s Arctic Glass® insulating glass are tempered and laminated glass and combinations of these. They can be used in both facade construction and indoor use. Safety glass is often seen on ceilings, floors, doors, lobby wall elements and partitions. Stair railings and balconies are also typical safety glass items. Safety glass is mainly used in all shower cubicles and bathroom solutions.

If the object needs special protection from, for example, vandalism, burglary and even bullets, or the risk of falling and collisions, safety glass is the only option in the glass solution.


There is an airtight gap between the glass sheets formed by the Arctic Glass® insulating glass element. Airtightness prevents the formation of water molecules and traditional evaporation. The airtightness of the intermediate space also prevents the gas from evaporating out of it.

There is a spacer made of composite or aluminum between the glass plates. Due to the expansion phenomena due to heat, these have been found to be the most stable and useful materials.

The width of the spacer can be defined in advance at the design stage. Since the thickness of the glass can also be determined separately, the width of the spacer can be used to control the total thickness of the insulating glass element.

Download the product-specific CE markings here

Insulating glass Laminated glass Tempered glass Fire protection glass Tempered laminated glass

CE markings on products

For construction glass, the CE marking is the manufacturer’s declaration that the glass meets the requirements of the standards required for the intended use.

Lasiliiri Oy is a company specializing in the further processing of glass, whose production and products cover the majority of the construction glass used in construction. The majority of glass products processed by the glass industry are covered by the CE marking of construction products. These products include insulating glass, tempered glass, laminated glass and fire protection glass, either alone or in combination with Arctic Glass® insulating glass.

The insulating glass manufactured by Lasiliir has already been FI-tested for more than 25 years. In addition, CE-marked products have undergone extensive test programs in accordance with test standards.

Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy certified the performance level of the CE mark for all our insulating glass in October 2012. External or so-called third-party certification is required when the products manufactured and supplied by the company fall into the most demanding AoC 1 category.