Lasiliiri turns 60 years old


A lively sixty year old look strongly into the future

Lasiliiri Oy, which specializes in glass processing in Riihimäki, reached the respectable age of 60 at the beginning of the year. The secret to longevity is the desire to invest and develop constantly. At the same time, the roots in the hometown are strong.

The story of Lasiliiri Oy, founded in 1962, is similar to many other companies. Two men get the idea to start a business and start working. Thanks to long-term and tenacious work, operations will grow and there will be enough courage to invest. In 1970, the company moved to its first own production facility, which was built on Karoliinankatu. This enabled the systematic development of business and thus growth. New working methods and machines were introduced.

The company’s most significant and largest investment so far took place in 2006, when Lasiliiri Oy moved to its current premises in Haapahuhta. Now, for the first time in the company’s history, all operations were under one roof. At the same time, the glass business, which was involved in the business from the beginning, was divested and focused only on industrial activities. Already in 2008, the expansion of the premises was ahead, as the product range grew with the production of tempered glass.

The last major investment was made in 2020 with a new quenching line. “We are constantly investing and modernizing our production. This is how we stay competitive. You can’t stay put, ”emphasizes Ari Liiri, CEO of Lasiliiri Oy.

Extra power from the avainlippu

Over the years, Lasiliiri Oy has been awarded numerous accolades and certificates. At the end of 2020, the company was awarded the Key Flag badge. It is granted for a product or service manufactured in Finland. “Domestic work seems to be valued more nowadays than before. And yes, this Key Flag is visible in a positive way when working with customers and other stakeholders, ”says Ari Liiri with satisfaction.

The family business now employs about 40 people and production runs in two shifts. The most important customer group is players in the window and door industry. Projects also play a significant role. Last year’s largest single delivery was glass for the facade and interior of Finlandiatalo. The glazing of the Tripla Shopping Center and the Airport extension has also been significant projects.

Although times have been difficult in some places due to the corona pandemic and problems with the availability of various materials, Lasiliiri Oy has coped well with the challenges. “Demand for construction has been at a good level and renovation construction in particular is now doing well. Actually, the only problems during the pandemic have been the availability of spare parts for some machines. There have been logistical delays in the supply of foreign raw materials. Domestic logistics works well, ”Liiri explains.


Watch the video greeting of Anu and Ari from this link!