Lasiliiri develops DIM Glass -smart glass solutions

Innovative development work on smart glasses will be continued in Riihimäki

Opaque windows that can be made transparent with low voltage are becoming more common.

At its Riihimäki plant, Lasiliiri is purposefully developing DIM Glass smart glass solutions. The multi-purpose glass adhesive DIM Glass has helped to replace traditional closed walls, blinds and curtains with its new functionality. Good properties of natural light, the strength of the laminated glass structure, the safety of tempered glass and the good sound insulation of the glass are also considered to be good properties of the glass. With the help of the smart glass, the space can be made transparent in an instant with the help of low voltage. Indeed, technology consumes little electrical energy.

Even large DIM Glass surfaces can be controlled either as a whole or as separate units. The control can be done with a light switch, a remote control, a mobile terminal application, a motion sensor, a twilight switch, a timer or, for example, voice commands. As a practical and hygienic solution, smart glasses are suitable for many applications where instant transparency is required. In addition to offices and agencies, maternity wards and surgical wards, for example, use popularity-enhancing smart glasses.

The availability of smart glass solutions manufactured by Lasiliir is good. In addition to hospitals, smart glasses that have proven to be practical are utilized e.g. in offices and conference rooms in a wide range of glass wall, window and door solutions, from which different manufacturers design their own products. As the company’s 60th anniversary year progresses, product development will continue, for example, in terms of concepts and productizations. International competitiveness has also been seen as important. The awareness of DIM Glass -smart glass solutions has increased with new and stylish reference, and practical implementations have already made smart glass technology very familiar to many. Product development that invests in customer-oriented thinking predicts an increase in demand for Lasiliir’s DIM Glass solutions and concepts.

Development work has received support from the EU Structural Funds. Lasiliiri DIM Glass, made in Finland, is also an attractive export product. Favorable international markets are seen for all these products.