Energy efficient glass roof to Lepakko, Helsinki

Lasiliiri delivered 420 m² of insulating glass elements to Porkkalankatu 1 when the four separate glass roofs of KOy Helsinki’s large lobby premises were renovated. The main contractor was Rakennusvire Oy, which announced that the project was an excellent success. The project was completed a month early.

Lasiliiri involved in the construction of the Bishop’s Cross business center

Kaarinan Piispanristin vanhalle panimoalueelle rakentuu moderni yrityskeskus. Lasiliiri delivered mask glasses and insulating glass elements to the site. The main contractor for the site is Teräselementti Oy. The visual designers are architect Heimo Paukkunen and visual artist Mauri Kosonen. watch the video Photo and video: Helsinki photo Read more on […]