Major development project at the factory

We have launched a major development project in the factory, where we are improving safety at work, improving the organisation of the factory in line with the Lean 5S operating model, refining the production management model and increasing metrics. The project has been launched at the beginning of the year and results are already visible, although the active roll-out of the project is ongoing. The factory has been stripped of all excess production and the floor space has been freed up for production use. The floors are lined with red, yellow and green lines, each with its own guiding effect. The visual appearance is refreshed and the flow of materials is controlled.

The guiding indicators are easy to read and teams are responsible for their own targets. Work uniforms and personal protective equipment have been updated and their use agreed with staff. Weekly rounds, safety observations and safety KPIs are supporting the achievement of the targets. We have set our sights high to make the Glass League an even safer and better place to work. We believe it is important that the increase in production efficiency will continue to ensure competitive operations for the benefit of our customers.

We received support for the change from production coach Jouni Niinikoski
Tulome Oy
from. We are grateful for his strong commitment to driving through change. This change is a change in culture that supports Lasiliir’s future ambitions to be a pioneer in glass processing. The enthusiasm of the staff for this project has been a pleasant surprise. Everyone wants better and that’s why things have moved so fast.

Come by the factory to see the change and learn more about the development project. Anu and Ari strongly recommend the use of a coach to make the changes happen.

For more information:

Jouni Niinikoski

Production coach
Tulome Oy
040 846 0866