Towards carbon-neutral glass construction

LCA Consulting Oy calculated the carbon footprint of Lasiliiri’s three products Carbon footprints were calculated for three glass products: insulating glass, laminated glass, and tempered glass. The carbon footprint calculation included life-cycle stages with a cradle-to-gate delineation, including the manufacture of raw materials, excipients and packaging materials, feed transport, energy consumption, waste transport and handling, […]

Lasiliiri develops DIM Glass -smart glass solutions

Innovative development work on smart glasses will be continued in Riihimäki Opaque windows that can be made transparent with low voltage are becoming more common. At its Riihimäki plant, Lasiliiri is purposefully developing DIM Glass smart glass solutions. The multi-purpose glass adhesive DIM Glass has helped to replace traditional closed walls, blinds and curtains with […]

Avainlippu to Lasiliiri

Avainlippu to Lasiliiri Lasiliiri is a family business founded in 1962. Investing in domestic work and product development will continue to be important in the future. Quality work done in Finland is the key to Lasiliir’s success. The Avainlippu tells about Finnish work. Together we respect domestic work. The Avainlippu is awarded by the Finnish […]

Large shaped glasses for Keimola Motor Stadium Tower

Lasiliiri ainoana pystyi toteuttamaan suuret muotolasit Keimolan valvontatorniin Large, tempered, laminated and cut-to-length glass roof elements were manufactured at the Riihimäki plant in Lasiliiri. Large size and weight were not a problem for Lasiliiri either in this spectacular destination known as the landmark of the area. watch the video […]

Lasiliiri involved in the construction of the Bishop’s Cross business center

Kaarinan Piispanristin vanhalle panimoalueelle rakentuu moderni yrityskeskus. Lasiliiri delivered mask glasses and insulating glass elements to the site. The main contractor for the site is Teräselementti Oy. The visual designers are architect Heimo Paukkunen and visual artist Mauri Kosonen. watch the video Photo and video: Helsinki photo Read more on […]